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Full-length show featuring top choreographers Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui 


About FALL

In FALL, Introdans brings together two of the most important and celebrated contemporary choreographers: British-Bengali Akram Khan and Flemish-Moroccan Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Although their backgrounds are quite different, there are also many similarities between these two dance artists – who once shared the stage in the magnificent Zero Degrees. They are both master storytellers and also passionate bridge-builders, who impressively combine diverse cultures, dance styles and art disciplines in their work.


Premiere: September 22, 2023
Play tme: September 22, 2023 until December 3, 2023
Locations: Doetinchem, Zutphen, Haarlem,  Amsterdam, Tilburg Apeldoorn, Zeist, Hengelo, Utrecht, Maastricht, Zwolle, Deventer, Eindhoven, Winterswijk, Amersfoort, Wageningen, Oss, Amstelveen, Winterthur (CH), Nijmegen, Groningen

In FALL this creates a programme which brings together dynamism and stillness, virtuosity and poetry. “Even though the three choreographies in FALL are very challenging and impressive, they also radiate a serene, meditative power. At the end you feel fully recharged – it’s a breath of fresh air in this world of ours, which is so often hectic and overwrought,” says Roel Voorintholt, artistic director of Introdans.

Extra information

Kaash – Akram Khan
FALL opens with Akram Khan’s Kaash, which created an absolute sensation at its world premiere in 2002 and made the British-Bengali choreographer famous virtually overnight. As a spectator you feel as if stepping into a story as Khan leads you into his special cosmos, in a swirling mix of Indian Kathak dance and contemporary dance. The dancers use their feet as percussion instruments while their arms cut razor-sharp through the air. Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor created the impressive stage design and Nitin Sawhney (who has written songs for many well-known pop stars) composed the driving Indian music. Besides Introdans and Khan’s own group, there are only two other companies worldwide with permission to perform this work.  

Pure – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
A lyrical, virtuosic and moving duet, full of unusual lifts – that’s how one can best describe Pure by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In this intimate choreography Cherkaoui addresses the themes of purity and purification. What remains if you let go of all human desires? The female dancer in the duet paints herself with Japanese characters and so creates something new, while on the other hand she also destroys the pure. Her partner lovingly rubs off the painted characters, as if he wants to remove the marks that life has left on her. But despite all his tenderness, he can’t reverse the situation. 

Fall – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
FALL closes with the work of the same name by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. This is the seventh time that Introdans – one of the most important treasurers of Cherkaoui’s oeuvre – is adding a choreography by the Flemish-Moroccan grandmaster to its repertoire. Fall refers both to the colour-shifting and falling leaves of autumn and to the continual battle of the (dancer’s) body with gravity. Inspired by both these themes, and also by the simplicity and meditative calm of Arvo Pärt’s music, Cherkaoui developed a hallucinatory cycle of falling and returning to one’s feet, as a constant flow of movements that never seems to come to an end.

“This is dance in its purest form, which is hard to get enough of.” Theaterkrant – read the entire review in Dutch here!



choreography | Akram Khan
music | Nitin Sawhney, John Oswald Spectre uitgevoerd door het Kronos Quartet
lighting design | Aideen Malone
set design | Anish Kapoor
costume design | Kimie Nakano
realization lighting design | Paul Moorhouse
rehearsed by | Nicola Monaco, Joy Alpuerto Ritter
repetiteur | Diane Matla, Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 25 minuten
world premiere | 28 maart 2002, Akram Khan Company, Maison des Arts, Creteil (F)
Introdans premiere | 23 oktober 2020, Arnhem

FALL - the dancers

film by | Inge Theunissen / It Moves
music | ekki hugsa by Ólafur Arnalds


choreography | Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
music | Japanese and Korean traditional music, editing Tsubasa Hori, Woojae Park & Olga Wojciechowska, executed by Tsubasa Hori, Olga Wojciechowska, Gabriele Miracle and Kazutomi ‘Tsuki’ Kozuki
lighting design | Adam Carrée
set thanks to | Eastman
costume design | Saša Kovačević
costume design | Mathias Batsleer
costume design | Merlijn Koopman
rehearsed by | Guro Nagelhus Schia & Vebjørn Sundby /Nagelhus Schia Productions
repetiteur | Diane Matla, Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 14 minutes
world premiere | 12 March 2013, Eastman, Toneelhuis, Antwerp (B)
Introdans premiere | 15 Febuary 2019, Arnhem


choreography | Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
assistent choreography | Jason Kittelberger, Acacia Schachte
music | Arvo Pärt, Fratres (1980 Version for Violin and Piano) Executed by: Tasmin Little van de CD Brahms, Sibelius & Pärt, EMI Records, 2011 Arvo Pärt, Orient & Occident Executed by: Sveriges Radiokor, Sveriges Radiokorkester, Tonu Kaljuste (conductor) van de CD Pärt: Orient & Occident, ECM Records GmbH, 2002 Arvo Pärt, Fratres Executed by: Chilingirian Quartet, Winchester Cathedral Choir, David Hill (conductor) van de CD Tavener: The Last Sleep of the Virgin & Thunder entered her, Erato/Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd., 2009 Arvo Pärt, Spiegel im Spiegel for Violin and Piano Executed by: Tasmin Little van de CD Brahms, Sibelius & Pärt, EMI Records, 2011
set & lighting design | Fabiana Piccioli, Sander Loonen
costume design | Kimie Nakano
set made by | original production by Grand Théâtre de Genève
costumes made by | Original production by Grand Théâtre de Genève; Merlijn Koopman, Babette van den Berg
rehearsed by | Acacia Schachte, Gàbor Kapin
repetiteur | Diane Matla, Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 40 minutes
world premiere | 22 October 2015, Ballet Flanders, Opera Ghent, Ghent (B)
Introdans premiere | 22 September 2023, Doetinchem

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