Ángela Waidele Lluch

Born: 1997, Alicante (Spain)
Education: José Espadero professional dance conservatory in Alicante – classical ballet
Experience: Titoyaya Dansa, Introdans (since November 2022) 

Angela knew from a very young age that she wanted to devote her life to dancing. She took her first dance steps at school at the age of three. When she was eight years old she started at the conservatory because she wanted more.
“After my classical ballet training, I was gradually introduced to new companies in modern dance. I did several internships with professional groups such as OtraDanza and Poyecto TitoYaya. I got my first contract with Gustavo Ramírez Sansano for the production of Carmen.maquia and I also worked with Marroch, a modern dance company. From the age of nineteen I enjoyed being a dance teacher at a dance school.”

Dancer in heart and soul

“I have never seen myself in any profession other than dance. I always went to the theater a lot and the dancers I saw there were a great inspiration to me. When I became a professional dancer, they became my colleagues, from whom I keep learning.”
Angela has been dancing with Introdans since November 2022: “I like that Introdans is a repertory company, where the versatility of every dancer is discussed and different facets are shown. We work on different movements, depending on the choreographer. Through hard work we learn where our strengths and weaknesses lie. You get to know your limits and fight to get better and better.”


“For me, dancing means experiencing different emotions: getting in touch with yourself through movement and emotions. I really enjoy doing this together with others. And then there are the emotions at a performance; the nerves, the adrenaline in your body, the tension, but at the same time also the freedom you feel, the peace and tranquility, then I feel safe. For me, going on stage and dancing there every time is a very big gift.”

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