Angelica Villalon

Born: 1990, Vancouver (Canada)
Education: Palucca Hochschule für Tanz, Dresden; Canada’s National Ballet School, Toronto; Goh Ballet Academy, Vancouver
Experience: Thüringer Staatsballett, Gera; Introdans (since August 2013)

She describes her own personality as a mix of her parents’ characters. Mother: thoughtful, positive and elegant. Father: outspoken, funny and creative. Et voilà: Angelica!

Positivity and reality

“I first started ballet at the age of three. From that point on my parents supported my passion for dance wherever it led me.” Angelica began her training in her home town Vancouver at Flora Pigeau Dance Academy, then later moved to the Goh Ballet Academy. At the age of seventeen she moved to Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto, where she lived in a residence with other dancers. “I’m constantly learning and working to improve. I have my own way of interpreting things but I’m always open to new ideas and concepts. Constructive feedback and criticism is crucial in order to continue developing. Compliments and support is nice but there needs to be a balance between positivity and reality. I’m still working on acknowledging compliments since I’m always pushing for more.”

New adventure

The idea of wanting to explore the unknown is what brought Angelica to Europe. “Europe is so different to Canada. I was very curious to explore the different cultures and lifestyles.” She attended the Palucca Schule in Dresden as a guest student. After finishing that year she was offered a contract at the Thüringer Staatsballett in Gera. “It was there that I danced Nils Christe’s Sacre for the first time, later having the pleasure again with Introdans in my first season.” As the company approached change over the course of time, and thus the repertoire as well, Angelica felt satisfied with that chapter in her life and wanted to move on and discover a new adventure. She then auditioned for Introdans and was accepted within two days. “I was in shock, it came together so fast! I was very happy with this opportunity I was given.”

Quality time

“I really enjoy the challenging repertoire with the many different styles here at Introdans. I feel the group is very hard working and supportive. It’s a pleasure to work in this positive atmosphere. My parents come to visit me once a year. When they’re here they take every opportunity to see me dance: training, rehearsals, and performances. They’re always so supportive and proud that I’m able to follow my passion and make my dream come true. I’m so happy to see them when they’re here, it’s truly quality family time. After visiting me they often follow it up with a trip around Europe. That curiosity is another family trait.” remarks Angelica with dry humour.

And it seems that this can take all sorts of forms. This disciplined dancer is crazy about… adrenaline! Like bungee jumping in Vancouver and skydiving in Gera! When she gets the chance she likes to add a few more blood-pressure-boosting activities to her list. But luckily she’s able to relax in simpler style, too. Angelica likes creative handicrafts and she enjoys cooking and baking for herself, or even better: for friends. “I’m absolutely a people person. Communication is key though. It was challenging when I first moved to Germany since there wasn’t so much English around, but I was able to pick up the language eventually. Learning German has helped in my move to the Netherlands since it’s quite similar. I don’t speak Dutch yet but knowing some German certainly helps.”