Yuma Funai

2001, Japan
The Kirov Academy of Ballet, Washington DC (USA), John Cranko Schule, Stuttgart (Germany) and Dutch National Ballet Academy, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

It is safe to say that Yuma grew up with dance. Her mother, who was a ballet teacher, inspired her to start dancing when she was only two years old. “I think I started ballet because I wanted to be with her more. She has always helped me to grow as a dancer and as a person as well. Also, I remember I used to dance all the time, and I really enjoyed taking my ballet classes.” But it was when she attended the summer course of the Kirov Academy of Ballet, when she knew she wanted to persue a professional dance career.

For Yuma, dancing on stage feels very different compared to being in the studio. “With costumes and everything, I feel like I am a different person than I normally am.” Although performing on stage gives her pressure sometimes, it gives her a lot of motivation and good feelings as well. “I would say dancing is something that I can not live without.”

During the 2021/2022 season, Yuma is joining Introdans as an intern for the family show Confetti. This is something that makes her really happy: “I really like how the company is in general, but I especially like how the dancers are always kind and helpful. They have taught and helped me a lot since I came here, and they are really inspiring me all the time.”