Juliette Jean

Born: 1997, Montpellier (France)
Education: École Nationale Supérieur de Danse de Marseille, Ballet Junior de Genève
Experience: Titoyaya Dansa, Introdans (since November 2022) 

Juliette started dancing when she was three years old. “I once joined my girlfriends and I immediately liked it so much that I went to take dance classes straight after”.
When Juliette was eight years old, she went to a better dance school and after four years she knew for sure, she wanted to dance all her life. She auditioned for the École Nationale Supérieur de Danse de Marseille and was accepted. “I followed ballet and contemporary dance for six years at this training. In addition, I took lessons from the regular school program until my final exam. During these years I had already left home and lived in a boarding house in Marseille, so far from my family”.
At the age of seventeen, Juliette auditioned for the Ballet Junior de Genève and was accepted. In the three years that she danced here, she worked with various choreographers, until she got her first contract for Carmen.maquia with Gustavo Ramirez Sansano‘s company Titoyaya Dansa.

Wanting to be the best

Dancing is her passion and her life and she would never want anything else. “I believed that if I just kept practicing really hard, I could become a really good dancer. I was also quite competitive. Dance became the best way for me to express myself, something I can put all my energy into. It helps me a lot to focus. I feel good when I dance, I am completely myself. Being aware of your own body and sometimes also the pain, is something I also like about dance. It’s also great that there are no boundaries in dance and anything is possible. I can’t imagine doing anything other than this.”


Juliette is completely in her element during a performance. The stress beforehand and the magic on stage is a combination she loves. “The intense awareness on stage, along with the energy of all the dancers feeling the same way, knowing the audience is watching you, is magical. Even though you play a part in the performance, you are completely yourself on stage without filters. To give yourself completely in front of an excited audience who enjoys it and who then gives you a standing ovation is indescribable. In my opinion, that is the best gift.”

In love with the variety

Juliette never expected to dance with a company like Introdans. As a professional dancer it is quite difficult to get a contract somewhere. She used to work as a freelancer, which meant different projects and clients, but also moving to different countries. Nevertheless, Juliette enjoyed this period immensely. “I see myself as a versatile dancer and various projects with different dance styles are perfect for me and you can do well as a freelancer. The nice thing is that I also have this variety at Introdans, but with one company and in one place. We work with different choreographers and therefore on a very diverse repertoire. That is why I always saw Introdans as a great place to work. Various Introdans dancers have also been a source of inspiration for me for a long time. I am therefore very happy that I have been given the opportunity to do what I want here.”

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