Léa Visser

Born: 2001, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Education: Dutch National Ballet Academy, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The Nutcracker

As a little girl, Léa and her sister presented dance performances to her parents and brother. Léa never kept seated in her chair: “I think I got that from my parents”. At the age of four she attended her first ballet performance: The Nutcracker. While dancing her way home, where she decided: “I want to dance on a stage too”. Shortly afterwards, Léa enrolled at a ballet school in Oostzaan. Her ballet teacher saw Léa’s talent and advised her to audition at the Dutch National Ballet Academy. She started her professional ballet training here as a ten-year-old girl. She soon took part in her first professional ballet performance. This was, of course, The Nutcracker.


For Léa, dance is a way of letting go of everything; an outlet. “Dance means connection. With myself, my feelings and my body. But also with other people. When I am on stage I feel that everything is coming together. The light, the costumes, the decor, the music from the speakers and the energy of all the dancers and the audience. I get a lot of energy from that myself. All dancers give a little extra energy every time. I think that is very nice to see ”.

Léa and Introdans

Léa has been doing an internship at Introdans since November 2019. She actually intended to audition only in the third year of her bachelor’s degree, but that plan went differently than expected. “The internship came my way a year earlier when Introdans needed a substitute on short term. I started at Introdans within a week and was already on stage that same week ”. Léa is very grateful for this opportunity: “Introdans showed me that there is a great diversity of dance styles. I always want to keep learning and at Introdans I keep developing and I have already learned an awful lot.” In the 2021/22 season, Léa will be a guest dancer in Pink Panther Party and Confetti.