Carlota Batalla Carbonell

Born: 2001, Valls, Tarragona, Spain
Education: Conservatory professional of Dance Institud del Teatre
Experience: It Dansa Jove Companyia (2021-2023), with Introdans since August 2023

Carlota started dancing when she was 4 years old, but you could say that since she was in her mother’s womb she was already dancing. Her family live by and for dance: her mother is the director of a dance school in Valls, her sister is studying to continue the steps of their mother and her father has no choice but to love dance and enjoy it like the other three.

“Dancing excites me, dancing allows me to communicate without prejudices. It’s like therapy that allows me to discover myself and socialize in a different way than usual. Dancing has given me values and has taught me that it is not an easy path but that you have to fight for what matters to you, and I have never been one to give up easily. I think that dance brings out the most inner sincerity and nobility in people.”

The road to contemporary

When Carlota was little, doing ballet, she did not stand out much in dancing. People told her that she had very long arms and that she was not very flexible, but she enjoyed itso much that she never wanted to quit, until she was 11 years old. Then Carlota started to want to learn more and discover more styles, so she signed up for all the extracurricular specialties that were in her dance school. The one she connected with the most and felt the most free was contemporary. When Carlota was 14 years old her parents and she decided to take a step further. They took her to a school in Mataró where they do more hours and it was a job more focused on the life of a professional dancer. This gave her many opportunities to go on stage. At 18 she decided that she wanted dance to be her profession. She will always remember that her mother brought her to see a show of It Dansa at the Liceu Theatre in Barcelona and Carlota said: I want to dance that! I want to be there! So her mother suggested to audition for the conservatory and Carlota thought it was a good idea, because it was an important step before auditioning for It Dansa. In 2020 she auditioned for the sixth year of the specialty of classical dance and passed the tests. She spent a year at the conservatory which she used to finish defining classical technique. In May 2021 was the audition for It Dansa and Carlota was very nervous because it was her main goal that year. Fortunately they took her for the company and she is very grateful because in these two years she has grown professionally and personally. She has been able to dance different repertoires of renowned choreographers and it has given her the necessary tools to face the auditions that she has during this year. For Carlota IT Dansa has been a first contact with the professional world of dance and a very important step to start developing her dance career.

Carlota and Introdans

As a dancer Carlota is very proud to have been hired by the Introdans company, as it was her goal for this season and she finds it a very good opportunity to develop her professional career. The fact of making this step is a big change for her personally and professionally. She’s been training for many years to get here and now it’s time to start working and to be recognized for all the effort she’s put in over the years.


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