Mark van Drunick

Born: 1999, Zevenaar (The Netherlands)
Education: ArtEZ, Arnhem (The Netherlands)

In love with movement

Mark was brought up with Dance. His parents, both ex-dancers and owners of the DansPodium dance school in Zevenaar, inspired him to dance. “My parents radiated intense joy in teaching and made me and many others fall in love with movement. They never forced me to dance; I’ve tried gymnastics, football and piano, but all of that was nothing compared to the happiness I feel in the dance studio. ”

At the age of five, Mark started breakdancing in his parents’ dance school. Mark became fascinated by the great movements and the way breakdance uses the human body. Shortly afterwards, he started with 1-on-1 ballet lessons, under the guidance of his mother and father. He also took classes in modern dance and urban dance. “The burning desire for movement kept growing, so I decided to study dance”.

Choosing for Introdans

Mark was admitted to various dance academies in the Netherlands and eventually decided to opt for ArtEZ in Arnhem. Also during his search for an internship, several companies saw his talent, but Mark chose for an internship at Introdans with full conviction. “I’ve been attending Introdans performances for as long as I can remember. Never have I missed a program. Introdans’ artistry really appeals to me as a dancer. Introdans’ repertoire is very diverse and includes some of the best choreographies in the world. Introdans conquers the audience with dance that is poignant, beautiful and sometimes funny. I am grateful for the opportunity to join these great dancers and I’m enjoying my time at Introdans ”.


For Mark, dance is the ultimate form of freedom. “It is a language that we all speak. I believe that the language of dance has more words than all languages put together, because with dance you can express things that cannot be captured in words ”. On stage, Mark is the true version of himself, without filters. His goal is to make the audience think, feel and experience something that it normally does not experience. As soon as the audience enters the theater, it enters a new world: a fantasy world. “Even if I can only take one person out of reality with my dance, it is worth all the effort”.