Giovanna Doria

Born: 2000, Congo
Education: Ballettschule Theater Basel (Switzerland), ZhDK Bachelor Contemporary Dance, Zurich (Switzerland), Internship Theater Basel (Switzerland)
Experience: with Introdans since August 2023

Giovanna was born in Congo and raised in Milano, Italy where she received her first dance lessons. This happened thanks to her uncle who, out of his passion for music, immediately noticed Giovanna’s rhythm when she was dancing in front of the TV at home. In the meantime, she was also into volleyball but as the years went by Giovanna felt that dance gave her more joy and satisfaction so she started getting more involved doing competitions in Italy and abroad until Richard Wherlock, director of Ballet Basel gave her the opportunity to start her professional education at Ballettschule Theater Basel. After graduating in 2020, Giovanna felt that she was not fully complete as a dancer and the curiosity of being able to combine classical ballet technique with contemporary to the best of her abilities led to the desire to pursue a second professional dance education at the Zurich University of Arts (Zhdk). For the 2022/23 season she joined Ballet Basel as an Intern where she had the opportunity to experience what it means to work in a professional environment for the first time surrounded by brilliant minds and bodies.

Connect and discover

As an artist, Giovanna has come to the point where her main goal is to transmit the emotions she has experienced in life into dance, into art. This art form has a strong meaning and importance to her, it gave her strength when she lost her first and best supporter, her dad; the person who was always present at every show, who lived this dream with her. Now dance allows Giovanna to share with the audience and dance community: her generosity, sensitivity, gratitude and the sensations she experiences when she dances. Along with this, it is also a way for her to connect and discover what is hidden deep inside of her, of what she has not yet encountered.

Giovanna and Introdans

Giovanna joined Introdans for the 2023/24 season. She is very glad to have gotten this opportunity and she is very open to what she can give to the whole team.

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