Floris Puts

Name: Floris Puts
Born: 2005, Zoetermeer
Education: Royal Conservatory; The Hague
Experience: Introdans sinds augustus 2023
Accolades: Incentive Prize Dance Scholarship Cultural Fund School for Young Talent 2021, Scholarship from “Dansersfonds’79 in 2022

From moonwalking to Billy Elliot 

Floris’ fascination with dance started when he was four or five years old with a dvd of Michael Jackson. You could see him dancing and moonwalking in front of the TV. Inspired by videos of a young, tapping Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr. at the age of six, Floris took tap lessons at the dance school where his sister also danced.  

He turned out to be exceptionally talented and it wasn’t just tapping. Break dancing, including back and head spins, soon followed. Not much later, partly inspired by the film Billy Elliot, he started participating in his sister’s classical ballet lessons. 

Coincidentally, not long after, boys were sought for Billy Elliot the Musical. Floris auditioned and was selected. It became a life-defining project. After a year of training at the Billy Elliot School, he had the time of his life in this beautiful musical. He was only nine years old at the time. This great adventure formed the basis of his passion for dance and the dream of later becoming a dancer himself. 

Floris was accepted at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2015  and there he was able to develop physically and in various dance styles. 

In addition to his dance training, Floris also played leading roles in two musicals and played in the television series De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman). He is also a gifted guitarist, but his heart lies in dance. 

In 2021, Floris won, the incentive prize, a grant from the Cultuurfonds School voor Jong Talent (Cultural Fund School for Young Talent) and a grant from Dansersfonds’79 in 2022. 

Floris and Introdans 

Floris has always known Introdans from a distance from various performances he has seen over the years. The varied repertoire has always appealed to him, especially because he also developed himself in different dance styles. 

He thinks it is fantastic that he can now contribute to Introdans and continue working on his professional dance career. Floris is an intern in the 2023-24 season.