End of Season Gala

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A summer gala full of variety, unexpected encounters and virtuoso choreographies.

End of Season Gala 2024

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Introdans brings the theatre season to a festive close and heralds the summer with a dazzling End of Season Gala. Seven different choreographies by Robert Battle, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Adriaan Luteijn & Chantal de Vries, Inbal Pinto and Daan Wijnands were on the programme. In addition to several crackers from the Introdans repertoire, this time the programme also featured two brand new pieces and a few surprising encounters with special guests, such as the drag queens from Rotterdam’s House of Holographic Hoes, led by the flamboyant Ma’MaQueen.  The Gala was also the ultimate opportunity for the Introdans dancers – some of whom are ending their dance career this year – to shine (one more time) and to showcase their full range of talents.

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Dates: 20 June (premiere) – 29 June 2024
Locations: Apeldoorn, Hengelo, Utrecht, Doetinchem

Introdans director Roel Voorintholt: “Previously during the End of Season we focused on dancing highlights from the past season, but this time we aim to create a swinging, summery celebration. With variety, with new and unexpected collaborations and virtuoso choreographies. Four of our dancers, Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez, Jurriën Schobben, Merel Janssen and Yulanne de Groot, are saying goodbye as dancers after many years of dancing careers at Introdans. We are extremely grateful to them for all those wonderful years with our company!” Read more here.


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Bye Bye Land (premiere) – Daan Wijnands
The well-known musical and theatre choreographer Daan Wijnands (known from Hij gelooft in mij, Hello Dolly, All Stars and Alex Klaassens’ Showponies) is creating a new work for the End of Season Gala: Bye Bye Land. This will be a vibrant, revue-like choreography, about saying goodbye. An ode to MGM film musicals, set to the music of La La Land. Wijnands, trained as a dancer, switched to musicals and developed into one of the most successful choreographers in the musical genre. What inspired him for this choreography are the connections that Introdans is able to find with other performers, makers from different worlds. “End of Season is emphatically about unexpected collaboration and connection. I know that both the ensemble and I are in our strength with this new piece. The challenge is that dancers step out of their comfort zone, just like myself” said Daan Wijnands. The result is an energetic and playful choreography.

Rara Avis (premiere) – Adriaan Luteijn & Chantal de Vries
Introdans choreographers Adriaan Luteijn and Chantal de Vries are once again creating a unique encounter specially for this End of Season Gala. This time several Introdans dancers and a group of well-known drag queens, led by the flamboyant Ma’MaQueen (an alias of Venus Bijleveld), will share the stage in a new, spectacular choreography. The Encounter is a concept that Adriaan Luteijn has developed over the past twenty years with performers who come from a wide variety of physical, social, cultural and intellectual worlds. For instance the Dutch Olympic Volleyball team, hiphop-waacking and voguing dancers, older people, dancers with different physical and/or intellectual abilities, or even whole families, all of whom he places alongside professional dancers (Introdancers), and always with remarkable results.  Luteijn enjoys ‘serendipities’, special opportunities that cross his path and that also inspire people with whom he creates. The drag queens who will shine on stage with Ma’MaQueen and the Introdancers are: Xtra Xceptit, Roseè-Sheneè Plastique, REUS and Licka Lolly.

(duet from) Loin – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is a master in creating exceptional duets. Loin is about distance: distance between individuals, countries and cultures, but also about what connects us as people and how we can overcome distance. One moment the duet from Loin is meditative and hallucinatory, the next down-to-earth. The connecting factor is Cherkaoui’s flowing, organic dance language and his characteristic, dizzyingly fast arm movements. ‘His dance idiom is an eclectic mix of classical steps, acrobatic partner work and vogue-like hand choreographies. But the nice thing here is that the stylistic variations never clash,’ wrote NRC Handelsblad after the Dutch premiere.

Bon Appétit!, Three and Takademe – Robert Battle
This End of Season Gala also features three creations by Robert Battle, up til November 20223 artistic director of the famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. The first work, Bon Appétit!, is full of tribal and Latin influences. Battle even makes a subtle, ironic reference to cannibalism, but above all the choreography is an abstract, rhythmically very powerful translation of Steve Reich’s masterful Music for pieces of wood. 

The second work, Three, was nominated for the Swan Award, the leading choreography prize in the Netherlands, as ‘Most Impressive Dance Production’. This is a hilarious and athletic power piece in which three men dive into a ‘muscular jam session’. “Never before have we seen such a successful and complete fusion of hip-hop, breakdance and modern dance,” said the jury of the Swans. And they continue: “Nowhere does it lack focus, the physical control is superb, you can see the performers having a great time and their concentration is incomparable.” 

For the third work, Takademe, Robert Battle drew inspiration from the musical rhythms of classical Indian kathak dance. However, the short choreography is by no means ‘classical’: the choreographer used the fast and angular rhythms of the kathak for a contemporary, exceptionally virtuoso male solo. Battle’s Takademe is a delightful exposé of energy and dance pleasure.

Wrapped – Inbal Pinto
The End of Season Gala celebration is completed by the duet from Inbal Pinto’s absurdist Wrapped. The piece has won several prizes including a prestigious American Bessie Award. In this audience favourite, Pinto combines humour and poetry into a visually rich imaginary world to create, as he puts it, an urban legend. ‘A fantastic breath of fresh air’ wrote de Volkskrant.

Saying Goodbye
At the End of Season Gala, several dancers who have been members of Introdans for many years will be saying goodbye to the dance stage: Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez, Jurriën Schobben, Merel Janssen and Yulanne de Groot. Artistic director Roel Voorintholt: “Our dancers Alberto, Jurriën, Merel and Yulanne will say goodbye as dancers during End of Season 2024 after many years of dancing career at Introdans. During this evening we will reflect on this, put them in the spotlight and allow them to showcase their talents one more time. We are extremely grateful to them for all those wonderful years with our company!”


(duet from) Wrapped

choreography | Inbal Pinto
music | Charlie Chaplin, music of his film City Lights
set, costume and lighting design | Inbal Pinto
set made by | Helldörfer Lasbedrijf
costumes made by | Merlijn Koopman
ballet master | Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 10 minutes
world premiere | November 1997, Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Tel Aviv (IL)
premiere Introdans | 21 October 2005, Arnhem


choreography | Robert Battle
music | Eleventh Hour Beat Box Battle, Art of Noise Fairlight-In-The-Being, Taiko Drums: Music of Japan Great Taiko Drum Solo, Les Tambours du Bronx Aquapella
costume design | Robert Battle in collaboration with Marlena Wolfe
lighting design  | Joshua Paul Weckesser
costumes made by  | Merlijn Koopman
ballet master | Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 10 minutes
world premiere | 12 February 2010, River North Dance, Chicago (US)
premiere Introdans | 12 February 2016, Arnhem


choreography | Robert Battle
music | Sheila Chandra Speaking in Tongues II
costume design | Robert Battle
lighting design | Burke Wilmore
ballet master | Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 4 minutes
world premiere | 1999, Parsons Dance Company, New York City (US)
premiere Introdans | 29 October 2011, Arnhem

Bon Appétit!

choreography | Robert Battle
music | Steve Reich, Bob Becker, Steve Chambers and Russ Hartenberger Music for pieces of wood, Guem Transe & Noble, The Boyz & Young Bird S.O.S. Summer of Sav
costume design | Robert Battle together with Hermien Hollander
lighting design | Mark Truebridge
costumes made by | Hermien Hollander
ballet master | Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 19 minutes
world premiere | Introdans 24 February 2007, Arnhem

(duet from) Loin

choreography | Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
assistant to the choreographer | Elias Lazaridis
music | Henrich Ignaz Franz Biber Sonata IX
costume design | Isabelle Lhoas, Frédéric Denis
set and lighting design | (concept) Wim van de Cappelle (re-design) Philippe Duvauchelle
costumes made by | Grand Théâtre de Genève
ballet master | Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 4 minutes
world premiere | 14 April 2005, Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Gèneve (CH)
Introdans premiere | 16 February 2018, Arnhem

Documentary Rara Avis

Camera, montage and direction | Inge Theunissen (IT Moves)
Camera | Egbert Hotz, Twan van Oosterhout

Rara Avis

choreography | Adriaan Luteijn & Chantal de Vries
artistic concept & final direction | Adriaan Luteijn
music | Jaap van Keulen
costume design | Venus Bijleveld
lighting design | Maarten van den Berg
costumes made by | Venus Bijleveld
ballet master | Vérine Bouwman
duration | ± 15 minutes
world premiere | Introdans, 20 June 2024 Doetinchem

Film Goodbye dancers

Camera, montage & direction | Inge Theunissen (IT Moves)

Bye Bye Land

choreography | Daan Wijnands
assistant to the choreographer | Isabelle Vedder
music | La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack en Score)
costume design | Dieuweke van Reij
lighting | design Tim van 't Hoff
costumes made by | Dieuweke van Reij and Atelier Introdans
ballet master | Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe
duration | ± 15 minutes
world premiere | Introdans, 20 June 2024 Doetinchem

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