Eskil Dorrepaal

Name: Eskil Dorrepaal
Born: 2002, Lund, Sweden
Education: Tivoli Balletskole, Copenhagen and Codarts, Rotterdam
Experience: Introdans, since August 2023 

An energetic and imaginative child 

Eskil Dorrepaal grew up in the south of Sweden. Culture always played a big role in his family, and being a very energetic and imaginative child, dancing seemed the natural choice for him. His Swedish mother worked at a ballet school while she was pregnant with him, so Eskil has essentially been dancing all his life! 

Eskil started his training in his hometown of Lund where he developed his love for dance. Over time, Eskil wanted to intensify his training and went to study at the Tivoli Ballet School in Copenhagen. 

From Bournonville to floor work and more 

After completing his classical training in Denmark, Eskil understood that a more modern approach to dance would be a good next step. Since his father is Dutch and grew up in Rotterdam, Eskil suggested to audition at Codarts. Fortunately he was accepted there. He exchanged his Bournonville lessons for floor work, improvisation and a variety of different ways of moving. 

A mix of Swedish and Dutch culture 

Eskil is a mix between Swedish and Dutch culture. Since studying in Rotterdam, he feels that he is becoming more Dutch every day. His punctuality and view of the work remains quite Scandinavian, but he appreciates the Dutch directness and efficiency. Above all, he sees himself as a go-getter who does not give up easily. Becoming more familiar with Dutch culture is something he really appreciates and does not take for granted. 

A dream come true 

Now that he has an internship at Introdans, he can finally make his dream come true. He will be able to train and dance with the company for the entire 2023-24 season.