Adriaan Luteijn

Adriaan Luteijn (’s-Heer Arendskerke, 1964) is artistic manager and choreographer at Introdans. But if there’s one thing that he definitely isn’t, it’s a standard choreographer. He doesn’t really regard himself as a major innovator of dance language, but more as someone who creates theatre with dancers. And it certainly isn’t his great passion to make productions for regular ballet programmes, year in year out, performed by professional dancers.

Luteijn enjoys ‘serendipities’, special opportunities that cross his path and that also inspire people with whom he creates choreographies for special occasions. These can be actors, urban dancers, older people, people with a physical and/or mental handicap, all of whom he places alongside professional dancers, and almost always with remarkable results. As the artistic manager and choreographer of Introdans, Luteijn feels it’s important to build bridges. And in his view of things, dance is a superb, non-verbal way of doing that.

Dancer and choreographer

From 1989 Luteijn was one of the dancers at Introdans, where he quickly became an influential figure with his striking appearance and expressive style of dance. In 1998 he ended his career as a dancer at Introdans, and from this time on he began to develop his choreographic activities for a diverse range of dancers and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. In recent years he has occasionally appeared as a guest dancer in Introdans productions.
Over the years he has created various works for Introdans, including a contemporary Bayadère and Geen Zwanen Meer. His collaboration with artists and institutions in other fields has led, among other things, to joint projects with Sonnevanck Youth Theatre, Toneelgroep Oostpool and Spinvis. Luteijn also worked as a choreographer for several projects like the Grandeur Processie for Sonsbeek 2008 and the opening of the Special National Olympics in 2016.

Little presents of emotion

One important element of Luteijn’s work with other target groups is formed by ‘De Ontmoeting’ (The Encounter). For this dance production he has worked with dancers from Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia, with young people who have a muscle disease and with people who have autism. In many projects of this type, says Luteijn, it’s as if I’m continually having gifts of moving moments thrown into my lap.

“It is fantastic to see how dance can open up worlds, bring people together and give them a different means of communication that was often unknown to them previously.”


In 2003 he received the Incentive Prize of Dansersfonds ’79 for his work, and in 2008 the Kunstfactor Dance Oeuvre Award. The Kunstfactor jury praised the (inter)national breadth of his work, its appeal to a wide audience and Luteijn’s original style.
In 2018 Luteijn was honoured for his special work and appointed Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.