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Even if you don’t know it: you’ve almost certainly heard something from Carmen. Tunes from this work, which is possibly the most famous opera of all time, are used in films and advertising, while famous pop stars have created their own versions. Now Introdans is presenting a totally new, modern version of the classic opera story in an exciting, surprising dance production for the whole family. Set against a superb black-and-white set design – inspired by Picasso – the Spanish choreographer Gustavo Ramírez Sansano tells a moving story of love and the destructive power of jealousy in his Carmen.maquia. A passionate family show (6+) with a mix of modern dance, flamenco and the paso doble.

The mild-mannered soldier Don José falls for the fiery Carmen, but she doesn’t want to commit to just one man. Read here the synopsis of the full story! Passion and emotion fly like sparks from the stage. It’s a fantastic theatrical dance production for the whole family!

Before the show and during intermission, you can visit the Carmen.experium in the theatre. An interactive experience for young and old, where you can experience Carmen with all your senses. Hear the music, try a little dance, taste the flavors of Carmen and much more! After the performance there will be a meet & greet with two dancers.

Premiere: December 1oth, 2022
Speelperiode: until February 17th, 2023
All locations: Arnhem, Maastricht, Haarlem, Deventer, Amersfoort, Nijmegen, Hengelo, Utrecht, Apeldoorn, Amstelveen

Extra information

About the choreographer
Choreographer Gustavo Ramírez Sansano (1978, Spain) began his career as a dancer, performing for the Nederlands Dans Theater among others, but he has long since become a sought-after dance creator. His tough, cool and also seductive version of
Carmen has become a global hit since its première in 2012. All over the world, many young hearts have been conquered by this contemporary Carmen.maquia. Read here an interview with the choreographer. 

Gustavo Ramírez Sansano deliberately calls his version of Carmen slightly different, namely Carmen.maquia.

“I derived this title from tauromaquia, which is Spanish for ‘the art of bullfighting’. Pablo Picasso often compared Carmen to an indomitable bull, so I removed ‘tauro’ and added ‘Carmen’. Carmen the Indomitable!

Gustavo Ramírez Sansano

Carmen then and now
In 1845 a slim book was published in France – and more than 175 years later it is still inspiring artists all over the world. In this novella by Prosper Mérimée, you hear the story of the desperate love of Don José Navarro for the beautiful, proud and rebellious Carmen. Thirty years later the composer Georges Bizet transformed Mérimée’s story into an opera. This work met with little success in its first performances: audiences viewed Carmen simply as an immoral libertine and were shocked by the story’s tragic ending. Despite this poor start, Bizet’s Carmen quickly became one of the most famous operas of all time. Since then the book and the opera have formed the basis for countless new interpretations of Carmen. Such as a film by Charlie Chaplin, many opera versions, plays, musicals, paintings, a ‘hip hopera’ with Beyoncé in the role of Carmen and even an ice show. Well-known singers such as Lana Del Rey and Stromae have also recorded Carmen tracks, and the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris features an upbeat remix of probably the most famous song from Bizet’s Carmen: L’amour est un oiseau rebelle. And we mustn’t forget the ballets either, because besides Gustavo Ramiréz Sansano other famous choreographers such as Roland Petit, Alberto Alonso, Mats Ek, Carlos Acosta and – in the Netherlands – Ted Brandsen have drawn their inspiration from the story of Carmen. 



Choreography | Gustavo Ramírez Sansano

Music | Georges Bizet Carmen Suite performed by Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Praha Philharmonic Orchestra, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestras, Arte Ensemble.
 Pablo de Sarasate Carmen Fantasy Op. 25 performed by Apollo Symphony Orchestra
Set design | Luis Crespo Portero

Lighting design | David Hedinger-Wohnlich

Costume design | Bregje van Balen

Set made by | Mascha van Vugt

Costumes made by | Hermien Hollander, Merel Kaspers

Repetiteur | Eduardo Zúñiga

Ballet master | Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe

Duration | ± 87 minutes

World premiere | 24 March 2012, Luna Negra Dance Theater, Chicago (US)

Introdans premiere | 10 December 2022, Arnhem

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