Grace Humphris

Born: 2002 Sydney, Australia
Education: National College of Dance, Newcastle (Australia) and Dutch National Ballet Academy, Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
Accolades: Prix de Lausanne candidate (2019), Artistry Award, Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship Final (2018), Dux at the National College of Dance, Australia (2019)
Experience: Introdans (since August 2022)

Grace started ballet when she was only three years old after watching her older sister in her ballet classes. When she was ten years, she had the opportunity to watch the Paris Opera Ballet perform George Balanchine works. “I remember sitting on the edge of her seat in awe at the amazing Paris Opera House and my burning passion for ballet was enlightened. I knew then that I wanted to go to a ballet school in Europe and have a career as a dancer.”
She was dancing full time when she was fourteen and did her school studies through distance education. “”My teachers in Australia had all come from professional careers and they instilled both a love of dance and a very good work ethic in me. I have always been disciplined and determined and worked hard to improve my skills and learn as much as I could.”

At sixteen, Grace was selected as a finalist in the Sydney Eisteddfod ballet final and danced the dream scene solo from the ballet, Raymonda at the Sydney Opera House. A year later she was selected to dance at the Prix de Lausanne in Switzerland where she was offered a place in the Bachelor of Arts program with the Dutch National Ballet Academy. Later that year, she moved to Amsterdam and has been fortunate enough to dance several times with the Dutch National Ballet during her years of study with the academy.

Performing on stage

“Do it because you love it, and remember why you’re here, was an important piece of advice given to me”, tells Grace. “Being able to perform is the most uplifting experience. We train so hard in the studios and when we get on stage it is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I always try to remember why I am here and the thrill that I will get when on stage”.
The feeling of dancing on stage compares to nothing else. Before being on stage I feel such a nervous excitement. I try and stay calm and think about corrections to lower my nerves and also remember that this is exactly why I work so hard.
The applause at the end of a performance is the biggest highlight. To hear all those people congratulating you, is the greatest reward.”
“My first big performance at the Opera House in Sydney was a truly special moment for my self confidence. I had never experienced such a large applause, and just broke down in tears and couldn’t believe that many people could enjoy something that I produced!”

Grace and Introdans

“The moment I arrived at Introdans, I was so welcomed with such kindness by everyone.
For the short time I have been at Introdans, I see how much everyone gets the opportunity to perform. There isn’t just the same people standing at the back of the stage or acting like ‘decoration’ on stage. Everyone is given great opportunities to dance a whole variety of pieces.
I am happy and excited to be completing my internship here”.

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