End of Season 2023

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At Introdans the summer really only starts with the End of Season 2023 performance: the festive closer of the dance season.

End of Season 2023

About End of Season

At Introdans, the summer really only starts with End of Season: the festive closer of the dance season. True to tradition, Introdans always presents a balmy and diverse programme full of highlights and new works in June. This time with no fewer than two Introdans premieres: SH-BOOM! by the leading choreographer duo Paul Lightfoot and Sol León, a light and airy work full of humour. And Pro-Forma 2, a new choreography by choreographer Adriaan Luteijn for dancers Eva Eikhout and South African Thapelo Kotlolo. Luteijn started the creation of this piece during the ‘BODY MOVES Inclusive Dance Festival’ in South Africa last fall and will develop it further for End of Season. In addition to these two premieres, the piece WHIM, Fractured Fairytale by Alexander Ekman, Azul by Jorge Pérez Martínez and Jurriën Schobben’s work, which he recently made for Roel Voorintholt’s fortieth anniversary, will be shown.




Premiere: June 22, 2023
Playtime:  until June 28, 2023
All locations: Doetinchem, Apeldoorn, Arnhem

SH-BOOM! – Paul Lightfoot and Sol León (Introdans premiere)
SH-BOOM! dates back to 1994 and was one of the first pieces made by choreographer duo Paul Lightfoot and Sol León. Many of their characteristic qualities can already be found here: SH-BOOM! is a hall of mirrors packed with humour and theatricality, set to music from the first half of the 20th century. The ladies dance in flamboyant dresses while the men are dressed – literally – in their underwear. Introdans is now performing the piece for the first time. Work by the choreographer duo is danced all over the world and they have also received various dance prizes for their creations.

WHIM, Fractured Fairytale – Alexander Ekman
Alexander Ekman’s fantastic sense of humour and timing are perfectly reflected in the comic WHIM, Fractured Fairytale. The theme of the choreography is our eternal urge to belong. On a daring, swinging music collage, Ekman has the dancers perform all kinds of strange antics, quirky steps, fragments of spoken text and a lot of funny faces. But no matter how crazy the dancers act, WHIM, Fractured Fairytale demands from them the utmost concentration and almost military precision. Earlier Introdans presented the chair choreography from WHIM, Fractured Fairytale in the programme So you think you can dance: musical chairs, which was awarded a Zilveren Krekel award.

Het gaat me lukken– Jurriën Schobben
Introdancer and choreographer Jurriën Schobben made the choreography Het gaat me lukken for Roel Voorintholt’s jubilee programme last April especially. It is a rhythmic piece based on quotes by the artistic director, which Jurriën Schobben recorded from various media interviews. The fact that Roel has always chosen his own path, despite what others thought of it, made an impression. Especially his perseverance and his drive are repeated throughout the piece. Jurriën Schobben made a phrase with the dancers for each sentences and that is how the choreography was built up. He made the music himself, so that the dance and Roel’s quotes coincide perfectly.

Pro Forma-2 – Adriaan Luteijn (Introdans premiere)
In September 2022 in South Africa, choreographer Adriaan Luteijn started with the creation of this duet for the Dutch dancer / TV presenter / podcast maker Eva Eikhout and the South African dancer Thapelo Kotlolo. It was a resounding success at the BODY MOVES International Inclusive Dance Festival in Benoni in October 2022. Luteijn finalized the piece for Introdans and it will be performed for the first time during End of Season. Introdans will also return to South Africa with this piece, where it will be performed in September 2023 in a new inclusive program by Introdans during the 25th edition of ‘JOMBA! Festival’ in Durban, partly thanks to the support of the Dutch Embassy in Johannesburg.

Azul – Jorge Pérez Martínez
With Azul, choreographer and former Introdancer Jorge Pérez Martínez created a fresh and spirited work that stands out for its own body language and beautiful, special work, danced to three classical Spanish guitar compositions. Pérez Martínez is guided by the atmosphere of the music and the Mediterranean, Spanish feeling. Azul was previously featured in the programme Aqua last fall. During this End of Season we can enjoy it again. On the one hand cheerful and exuberant, but always with a certain melancholy.

With this End of Season programme we welcome in the Mediterranean vibe, let the summer begin!



choreography Paul Lightfoot en Sol León
music The Ink Spots, If I didn't care and Do I Worry? Stan Freberg, John and Marsha Turner Layton & Clarence Johnstone, S'posin' Olavi Virta, Sininen huvimaja (Blue Pavilion) Arturo Cuartero, Nana a luisito The Mills Brothers, Sixty Seconds Got Together Vera Lynn, Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart Stan Freberg, Sh-Boom
set design Paul Lightfoot en Sol León
lighting design Tom Bevoort
costume design Paul Lightfoot en Sol León
costumes made by Hermien Hollander
rehearsed by Valentina Scaglia, Jorge Nozal
ballet master Jorge Pérez Martínez & Marlena Wolfe
duration ± 25 minutes
world premiere 24 juni 1994, Nederlands Dans Theater, Den Haag
Introdans premiere 22 juni 2023, Arnhem

WHIM, Fractured Fairytale

choreography Paul Lightfoot en Sol León
music Antonio Vivaldi, The four seasons – Winter Marcelle de Lacour, La pendule de Marie-Antoinette Edmundo Ros, Bolero Nina Simone, My baby just cares for me
costume and set design Alexander Ekman
lighting design Alex Kurth
costumes made by Merlijn Koopman
ballet master Marlena Wolfe
duration ± 24 minutes
world premiere 16 June 2006 IT Dansa, Barcelona (ES)
premiere Introdans 14 October 2017 (part of), 7 maart 2020 (full version), Arnhem

Het gaat me lukken

choreography Jurriën Schobben
music soundscape Jurriën Schobben
lighting design Maarten van den Berg
costumes atelier Introdans
ballet master Jorge Pérez Martínez, Diane Matla, Marlena Wolfe
duration ± 5 minuten
world premiere 12 april 2023, Introdans, Arnhem

Pro Forma-2

choreography Adriaan Luteijn
music Jaap van Keulen
film Lagom Collective
lighting design Maarten van den Berg
costumes Hermien Hollander
ballet master Diane Matla
duration ± 10 minutes
world premiere 22 juni 2023, Introdans, Arnhem


choreography Jorge Pérez Martínez
music Joaquin Rodrigo, Concierto de Aranjuez Francisco Tárrega Recuerdos de la Alhambra Isaac Albéniz, Suite Espanola Antonio Vivaldi Andante
costume design Sjaak Hullekes
lighting design Berry Claassen
costumes made by Hermien Hollander, Merel Kaspers
ballet master Marlena Wolfe
duration ± 23 minutes
world premiere 22 september 2017, Introdans, Arnhem
première extended version 9 september 2022, Introdans, Arnhem

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