End of Season

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An exciting close to a golden jubilee season!

End of Season

About End of Season

End of Season 2022 with Phion live!

True to tradition, Introdans is presenting a festive treat at the close of the theatre season. This End of Season programme is a celebration to delight all the senses. Wonderful ballets, superb live music by the complete line-up of Phion, Gelderland & Overijssel Orchestra, and a further premiere to cap it all. It’s an exciting close to a golden jubilee season!
The programme features Petricor, Concerto and Chairman Dances by Lucinda Childs, Sechs Tänze and Petite Mort by Jiří Kylián and a brand-new Encounter by Adriaan Luteijn on the theme of families.

Dress code: Festive chic!

Conductor Phion, Orkest van Gelderland & Overijssel: Rolf Verbeek

Playtime: 25 june - 2 july

Locations: Apeldoorn, Zwolle, Arnhem

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End of Season

Arnhem, 20:15 h

Stadstheater Arnhem

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Arnhem, 20:15 h

Zwolle, 20:00 h

Zwolse Theaters | De Spiegel

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Zwolle, 20:00 h

Apeldoorn, 20:00 h


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Apeldoorn, 20:00 h

Additional information

Lucinda Childs

The bond between the American choreographer Lucinda Childs and Introdans can truly be described as unique. Introdans is not only the sole Dutch dance company permitted to perform the work of the ‘queen of minimal dance’ – she has also created new choreographies specially for the company. One of these is Petricor, inspired by the composition that Ludovico Einaudi wrote for the film Intouchables.
Petricor is the earthy scent produced when rains falls on dry ground. Childs translates various elements into a complex but also crystal-clear choreography based on repeated classical dance steps – with many turns, arabesques and small, low jumps – that are set in space with a feather-light touch. “Call it dancing mathematics, musical wanderings or moving figures – whatever the term, it’s exciting and lucid. As if Childs would like to tame human passions with a set square.” (de Volkskrant)
Dancing to the propulsive music of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, seven dancers race across the stage like whirlwinds in Concerto. With tiny variations and shifts Childs creates a kaleidoscopic jewel: seemingly very simple but in fact amazingly refined and masterful.

Chairman Dances is like a spatial dance celebration in which the dancers create a fascinating interplay with Adams’ swinging minimal music. The repetitive movements have a magical, poetic effect and at the same time are amazingly virtuoso.

“The dancers are like a fish in water in this bubbling, vibrant battle between Childs and John Adams.”

de Volkskrant on Chairman Dances

Jiří Kylián

Petite Mort is a relatively new item in the Introdans repertoire. Kylián based his poetic choreography on the slow movements of Mozart’s two most famous piano concertos: Adagio and Andante.
In the absurdist Sechs Tänze the master choreographer reveals the most playful and frenzied side of his character. This choreography is an ode to Mozart, who in Kylián’s eyes is the prime example of someone who understood life in all its richness, imagination, clownery and craziness.

“Hilarity alongside subtly presented grimness of the world around us.”

Trouw on Petite Mort

“Kylián gives such a wealth of wigs, hooped dresses on little wheels, swashbuckling and other visual humour that you might almost forget there’s superb dance in between this stuff.”

de Gelderlander on Sechs Tänze

Adriaan Luteijn, The Encounter: Nest

Choreographer Adriaan Luteijn brings together unique people in his Encounters series. In this special jubilee edition it’s about the place you originally come from, or which you’ve created with the people who form your secure base. Where you can drop in and drop out, where bonds arise that can even overcome distances in time and space. Where you feel yearning in times of absence and you recharge on warmth in moments of togetherness. Until you separate again and move on, realising that the nest will always be there.


Chairman Dances

Choreography | Lucinda Childs
Repetiteur | Jorge Pérez Martínez
Music | John Adams; The Chairman Dances (from the opera Nixon in China)
Set and Lighting design | Dominique Drillot
Costume design | Jean Michel Lainé
Set made by | Theatex
Costumes made by | Merlijn Koopman
Duration | ± 14 minutes
World premiere | 26 December 2000, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Introdans premiere | 6 February 2009, Arnhem


Choreography | Lucinda Childs
Repetiteur | Diane Matla
Music | Henryk Mikołaj Górecki; Concerto pour clavecin et cordes opus 40
Costume design | Anne Masset
Lighting design | Dominique Drillot
Duration | ± 13 minutes
World premiere | 16 September 1993, Lucinda Childs Dance Company, Lissabon
Introdans premiere | 2 February 2007, Arnhem


Choreography | Lucinda Childs
Repetiteur | Diane Matla
Music | Ludovico Einaudi; Petricor
Costume design | Dominique Drillot
Set, lighting and audiovisual design | Dominique Drillot
Costumes made by | Merlijn Koopman
Duration | ± 13 minutes
World premiere | 14 September 2018, Introdans, Arnhem

Sechs Tänze

Choreography | Jiří Kylián
Music | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Deutsche Tänze 1-6, performed by Residentie Orkest led by Heinz Wallberg
Set and costume design | Jiří Kylián
Supervision costumes | Joke Visser
Lighting design | Joop Caboort (re-design Kees Tjebbes)
Costumes made by | Andre van Kessel
Duration | ± 13 minutes
World premiere | 24 October 1986, Nederlands Dans Theater, The Hague
Introdans premiere | 23 October 2004, Arnhem

Petite Mort

Choreography | Jiří Kylián
Assistant to the choreographer | Urtzi Aranburu
Music | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
Piano Concerto nr. 23 in A-Major / KV 488: Adagio, Piano Concerto Nr. 21 in C-major / KV 467: Andante
Set design | Jiří Kylián
Costume design | Joke Visser
Lighting design | Jiří Kylián (concept), Joop Caboort (realisation)
Repetiteur | Elke Schepers
Ballet master | Diane Matla
Duration | ± 18 minutes
World premiere | 23 August 1991, Nederlands Dans Theater I, Salzburger Festspiele, Austria
Introdans premiere | 9 February 2022, Holland Dance Festival, The Hague

The Encounter: Nest

Concept and choreography | Adriaan Luteijn
Assistant to the choreographer | Marlena Wolfe
Music | Frédéric Chopin Piano concerto No.1 in E minor, Opus 11; 2.Romance (Larghetto)
Costume design | Hul Le Kes
Lighting design | Berry Claassen
Visual | Inge Theunissen, Itmoves
World premiere | 23 June 2022, Introdans, Arnhem

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