Harbor me / WHIM / Azul in Bonn

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Harbor me / WHIM / Azul in Bonn

»Water« in this three-part performance has the upper hand: be it as part of a safe haven/harbor or as an element that in more than 50 shades of blue can be represented — with the choreographies of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Alexander Ekman and Jorge Pérez Martínez in one performance come three works of the most sought-after choreographers in the world to Bonn and they are moving. The element »water« in the first and third part of the performance frames, in the middle part, the element »earth«.

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Harbor me – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Anchor me, protect me.
Harbor Me, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui sends his three dancers on a quest for a safe haven. Can they offer each other the support they need so much? And if so, can they actually accept this support, too? The stage set is reminiscent of a harbour at low tide, with the three dancers dancing in the mud that’s left exposed. A work that’s full of sadness and missed chances to connect and merge. It’s a new jewel in the Introdans treasury of dance.  

WHIM, Fractured Fairytale – Alexander Ekman
Alexander Ekman’s fantastic sense of humour and timing are perfectly reflected in the comic WHIM, Fractured Fairytale. The theme of the choreography is our eternal urge to belong. On a daring, swinging music collage, Ekman has the dancers perform all kinds of strange antics, quirky steps, fragments of spoken text and a lot of funny faces. But no matter how crazy the dancers act, WHIM, Fractured Fairytale demands from them the utmost concentration and almost military precision. Earlier Introdans presented the chair choreography from WHIM, Fractured Fairytale in the programme So you think you can dance: musical chairs, which was awarded a Zilveren Krekel award.

Azul – Jorge Pérez Martínez
With Azul, choreographer and former Introdancer Jorge Pérez Martínez created a fresh and spirited work that stands out for its own body language and beautiful, special work, danced to three classical Spanish guitar compositions. Pérez Martínez is guided by the atmosphere of the music and the Mediterranean, Spanish feeling. Azul was previously featured in the programme Aqua last fall. During this End of Season we can enjoy it again. On the one hand cheerful and exuberant, but always with a certain melancholy.

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