Introdans VRtuoos VRtueel (VRtuoso VRtual)

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VRtuoos VRtueel (VRtuoso VRtual)

About Introdans VRtuoos VRtueel

Introdans VRtuoos VRtueel (VRtuoso VRtual) is an interactive VR dance experience for everyone. Using VR headsets and virtual reality technology – a fantastic medium that offers a world of new possibilities – we connect the body to the digital (dance) world. This is how we stimulate, activate and inspire people physically and creatively. The virtual environment challenges you to move and brings you into contact with the world of modern dance, in front of and behind the scenes. Dance and virtual reality come together in an innovative and inclusive way. March 2023 saw the official launch of this brand new VR dance project that we developed in collaboration with Studio VRij – a young creative virtual reality studio. A unique VR experience with which everyone can dance – wherever you are!

We tested the VR experience with Kazou, a theater workshop for people with autism, and it was a phenomenal experience for them. In the coming months we are rolling out for many other audiences, from the elderly in nursing homes, young people at festivals, people with disabilities to mainstream audiences at various locations, after all, we are not tied to a real theater, you can experience it anywhere!

About the makers
Introdans VRtuoos VRtueel was commissioned by Introdans.
Artistic concept and development: Chantal de Vries (Introdans)
Technical development: Mila Moleman and Sammie de Vries (Studio VRij)
Composition: Peter Weekers
With thanks to the Municipality of Arnhem Transitie Cultuur 2.0 and the Creative Industries Fund NL who helped make this project possible.

About the experience

Introdans VRtuoos VRtueel consists of two parts. In part 1 you enter the world of Introdans in the theater via backstage, the changing rooms and behind the scenes. Together with the Introdans dancers you dance a rehearsed choreography on stage. A wonderful experience, especially for people who cannot or never go to the theatre.

Part 2 is a new virtual world with a game element in which you and a group of people at the same physical location but in a virtual world are brought into contact with each other. You are challenged to make certain movements, which automatically creates a joint choreography. Each experience creates a unique work of art.


Introdans has a large number of VR headsets that can be used to serve a wide variety of target groups, from young to old, diverse and inclusive. Such as children and young people in (special) education, the elderly in nursing homes, employees of companies and social organizations, but also mainstream audiences at festivals and in workshops. Introdans VRtuoos VRtueel makes VR technology accessible to a wider audience. Introdans thus fulfills its ambition in an innovative way to bring people from different worlds together and to introduce them to dance in a new, accessible way.

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