Introdans at festival Waalzinnig Nijmegen 29 and 30 June 2024

2 May 2024

Introdans can be seen on 29 and 30 June between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM at the free accessible festival Waalzinnig in Nijmegen with the VR experience VRtuoso VRtual. Each workshop lasts 30 minutes. Reservations for a spot can be made via the Festival Waalzinnig website.

In VRtuoso VRtual you enter the world of Introdans in the theater, as it were, via the backstage, the dressing rooms and wings, and you dance a choreography rehearsed during the workshop on stage together with the Introdansers. A wonderful experience, especially for people who cannot or never go to the theater. Two dance teachers from Introdans supervise this VR experience.

Festival Waalzinnig takes place for the sixth time in the heart of Nijmegen. With performances and intimate performances on Mariënburgplein and in the LUX theater. In the library on Saturday you can start a conversation with one of the living books from The Living Library. In addition to music, theater and dance performances, there is the Art Market. This year they will also be present with a stage on the terrace and in the theater halls of the Lindenberg, initiator of the festival, and they will be there for not one, but two days!

Festival Waalzinnig stands for inclusion and encourages everyone to express themselves through art in all its manifestations. They call it Art Inclusive: art for and by everyone.

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