Iungo - The Encounter Tokyo

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Iungo - The Encounter Tokyo

In January 2024, choreograper and Artistic Initiator Interaction & Inclusion Adriaan Luteijn went to Japan to create a new inclusive work. He did this as part of the festival Land Fes in Tokyo taking place on January 7th through 12th, 2024, having been invited by Dai Matsuoka, the festival director and a famous Butoh dance artist. In Japan Luteijn worked with a cast of 8 contemporary professional dancers and guest dancers from other worlds. They casually met each other on a bench in a public place and from there started an encounter of minds, bodies and hearts. The festival wants to share the new possibilities of inclusive dance that transcends borders, age and disabilities, and Adriaan Luteijn’s experience, with their audience. Check the teaser here.

This piece is based on a choreographic format that Luteijn has developed for Introdans called The Encounter. For more then 20 years now it is connecting academically trained ballet/modern dancers all over the world with dancers coming from all kinds of other worlds , showing Luteijns love and fascination for the beautiful variation of mankind. This piece is created with the incredible input of the cast, and made in a short and intensive working period of Luteijn in Tokyo.

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