The Encounter: Frictio

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The Encounter: Frictio

About the Encounter at Festival 10 Sentidos

“Frictio” is a compelling dance production that is part of the renowned series “De Ontmoeting” (The Encounter). This enchanting piece, choreographed by Adriaan Luteijn, was created especially for Festival 10 Sentidos. Set against the backdrop of the stunning CCCC Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània in Valencia, Spain, “Frictio” showcases a powerful and evocative encounter between the talented dancers Yanel Barbeito and Vicente Sales.

Play date: May 7, 2023
Location: Valencia

Name of the work: Frictio
Company: A co-production by Introdans and Taiat Dansa
Dancers: Yanel Barbeito en Vicente Sales
Concept and direction: Adriaan Luteijn
Music: Spinvis
Lighting: Maarten van den Berg
Production: Alexia Guillot

Additional information

For this edition of the Festival 10 Sentidos, Adriaan Luteijn (resident choreographer of interaction and inclusion at the modern ballet company Introdans, Netherlands) has created a duet with two dancers with whom he had never met before and who were selected by the directors from Taiat Dansa. Luteijn’s work is part of a series of dance productions titled De Ontmoeting (The Meeting). All of these choreographies have in common that they build bridges between two worlds and always have a mixed cast: one part comes from the world of Luteijn (modern dance) and the other from guests from other physical, intellectual, sociocultural or dance environments. This Ontmoeting is the result of the real meeting between two magnificent dancers Yanél Barbeito (51 years old) and Vicente Sales (19 years old).

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