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Bridge to Liberation 2023

Bridge to Liberation

During the Memorial Evening, September 15, 2023, we commemorated the Battle of Arnhem, the evacuation that followed and we reflect on the impact of war and the value of freedom at the John Frost Bridge.

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With special effects, performances by Introdans, among others, we make it a surprising experience!

To look forward you have to look back. Look in that mirror; see who you are. What echoes of the impact of war do we hear and how can we give them a place in our daily lives, now and in the future?

In 2023 you will experience Bridge to Liberation again at the foot of the historic John Frost Bridge. You meet people from the Airborne Region who pass on the impact of war through their personal stories. With the knowledge of today, we look back to the past to determine the value of freedom for ourselves.

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