Kunstnacht Nijmegen

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Kunstnacht Nijmegen

Kunstnacht Nijmegen - The Pink Panther Party - dance along x Open Source Radio

Welcome to the Safe(r) Space of The Pink Panther Party- dance along!

Introdans takes you to the tolerant disco culture of the 1970s with a swinging activity.

The performance took the audience into a safe space where the colorful cast of 20 dancers formed a diverse reflection of humanity. Dancers from Introdans took the stage with special guests and performers from  other dance communities, such as urban, show dance, funk and hip-hop.

They are now making room for you!

As a visitor to The Pink Panther Party – dance along, you immediately enter the dance floor upon entering. The Interaction team of Introdans takes you along at lightning speed in two scenes from the performance and you are the radiant center.

It doesn’t matter how physically you are, because this dance activity is accessible to everyone from young to old and is adapted to the crowd on the spot. The Pink Panther Party- dance along is the ideal opportunity to take your grandpa, your teenage niece, your neighbor in his wheelchair or pull your friend off the couch and take him to the Safe Space of The Pink Panther Party- dance along!

This is organized in collaboration with Open Source Radio.

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