Experience Route

29 September 2022

A physical walk with augmented reality in film and audio about 50 years of Introdans

Experience Route

Over de Belevingsroute

Arnhem: home base of all Introdans dancers. A conscious choice in 1971 to establish a dance company in Arnhem, the cultural capital of the eastern Netherlands. How many footsteps would we have set in fifty years? Where did we leave indelible impressions? And which places did we remember the most?

We string together warm memories into a route along ten special places in the center of Arnhem. Stories about a lost bag with ten thousand guilders, about illustrious dinners where artistic plans were forged, ballet fragments from the Eusebius Church, a small costume exhibition at Rozet and much more. The app guides you through the city. A physical walk with augmented reality in film and audio. Available to download for free in the app store!

The route was developed in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Kader and leads past Rozet, De Nieuwe Oost, Collectie de Groen, Cafe Verheijden, Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem, Eusebius Arnhem and Dudok Arnhem.

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