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Radboud University 100 years: Red Bow Club

Red Bow Club

Welcome in 1923, welcome in the Red Bow Club! 

Step into a time capsule with us, taking you to the roaring twenties. In the Red Bow Club you experience the vibrant nightlife as it should have been. The Charleston was immensely popular in Paris, Berlin, London and New York City, but here in the Netherlands it was called a dance mania and officially banned by the confessional parties in government in The Hague.

In an original mirror tent from that time, choreographers Adriaan Luteijn and Chantal de Vries take you back to correct the times! They give free rein to this so called dance mania. Luteijn delved into the university’s archives and read stories about the sometimes tumultuous lives of the first students at Radboud University. These stories are used in performance. In the leading roles: over twenty dancing students and employees of Radboud University.

You are gonna party like it is 1923!

Playtime: 20 October – 21 October
Locations: Nijmegen


Scenario & choreography | Adriaan Luteijn
Choreography | Chantal de Vries
Dance | Ashley Shih, Britt Füsers, Charlotte Frenzen, Dionique van Haren, Elvira Lansdorp, Jiahao Wu, Marissa van Dijk, Meike Kappen, Miriam Stuefer, Rafael Zampakas, Sita Chumsena, Hannah-Lynn Tieman, Rebecca-Elisa de Jeer, Liesbeth Meeuwissen, Laura Coq Martin, Floor van Leeuwen, Lea Kerst, Steijn Bakker, Luke Faassen, Isis Okker, Wies van der Leest, Kayleigh Wijnsouw, Maartje van Eif
Soundtrack | Melcher Meirmans
Lighting design | Maarten van den Berg
Costumes & styling | Karisma Costumes - Ben Voorhaar
Fitter | Timo Arling
Vocal coach | Sjoerd Haver
Intern Introdans | Laura van der Minnen
Production | Peggy Loch
Historical dance material | JazzOut - Eveline van Lievenoogen, Danny Merkelbag
Thanks to | Marianne Waldekkers - archivist Radboud University, Jan Brabers - historian Radboud University, Bart Baeten and Thijs Moors - organisation students, Martijn Stevens - organisation Radboud University

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