Mañana Mañana 2024

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Mañana Mañana 2024

Introdans at Mañana Mañana 2024

This year, Introdans will be at the Mañana Mañana festival for the first time at Landgoed Oolde in Laren (Gld.) on Thursday, June 13 at 6:45 PM. Come visit the festival and experience it!

At Mañana Mañana we present the Ballet for Beginners workshop. Test your flexibility and take that workshop! Mironne Gerritsen has been a teacher at Introdans for eight years and gets everyone dancing! Whether you sit, lie down or stand, in this course you will learn a lot about ballet in half an hour. An introduction to the five foot positions, a perfectly executed plié, a port de bras with your arms, a rond de jambe with your legs and then ending beautifully in balance. In this crash course, Mironne takes you into the world of modern ballet and Introdans. How do the dancers train, how did they get this far, and what about their nerves just before the performance in the theater? Put on that tutu and go!



Mañana Mañana is a spirit-enriching festival far away from the gray matter. With a beautiful festival site consisting of forest, water and grassland. Seasoned legends, up-and-coming talent and visitors will be on the 12 stages from the morning until late at night. Almost every genre is present: from surf, comedy, punk, electro, rock, blues, acrobatics, singer-songwriter, poetry to Latin. Here you will discover the best of the (inter)national music scene. Live, unpolished in front of you.


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