Zwarte Cross Festival

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Zwarte Cross Festival

Introdans at Zwarte Cross Festival

Introdans is one of the four largest dance companies in the Netherlands and its motto is: everyone can dance! For more than 50 years, the Arnhem dance company has been enthusing as many people as possible for the art of dance: with heart, soul and a great deal of craftsmanship.

Vincenzo Turiano dances a strong male interpretation of The Dying Swan by choreographer Mauro de Candia: La Morte del Cigno. With the ballet course for beginners, Mironne Gerritsen takes you into the world of modern ballet and Introdans.


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11.00-11.15 buitenpodium
13.30-13.45 theatertent 

La Morte del Cigno – Introdans 

By Vincenzo Turiano 

In La Morte del Cigno, the Italian choreographer Mauro de Candia gives a strong male interpretation of The Dying Swan, the short solo that made the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova immortal. This swan is a stubborn, proud beast that tries to make its way towards freedom with enormous animal strength, passion and flexibility. Dancer Vincenzo Turiano from Introdans performs this special dance solo in a phenomenal way.

14.45-15.15 Theatro Obscura 

Course ballet for beginners – Introdans 

By Mironne Gerritsen  

Test your flexibility between all the music, crossovers and stunts with this ballet course for beginners! Mironne Gerritsen has been a teacher at Introdans for 7 years and gets everyone dancing! Whether you sit, lie down or stand, in this course you will learn a lot about ballet in half an hour. An introduction to the five foot positions, a perfectly executed plié, a port de bras with your arms, a rond de jambe with your legs and then a beautiful balance. In this crash course, Mironne takes you into the world of modern ballet and Introdans. How do the dancers train, how did they get this far, and what about their nerves just before the performance in the theater?

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