Dance Special 2024: In da House and On Stage

For children in special education

  • Primair (speciaal) onderwijs

Dance Special 2024: In da House and On Stage

Under the name “Dance Special,” Introdans collaborates long-term with De Onderwijsspecialisten, an educational umbrella organization for special education schools (both primary and secondary) in Gelderland. Introdans and De Onderwijsspecialisten jointly lead the way in realizing special dance projects for special education. The impact of this on the students of special education and their environment (as well as on Introdans!) is significant.

The Dance Special project consists of two parts: Introdans In da House and Introdans On Stage. The new In da House workshops started in January 2024 and culminated in an On Stage weekend in mid-March 2024, where all the children together presented an amazing performance.

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Introdans In da House 2024

From January 15th to February 8th, 2024, students from De Onderwijsspecialisten (special education) visited the studios of Introdans in Arnhem. During Introdans In da House, we fully immerse the students (aged 10 and older) in the world of dance. In addition to dance and movement, all aspects of dance creation and the dance company are explored: the dancer and the rehearsal director, the technician (lighting, sound, technology), set design and costumes, and hair and makeup. The students get hands-on experience and learn how beautiful and enriching dance can be. Because everyone can dance – that’s Introdans’ motto!

Introdans On Stage 2024

Enthusiastic students who participated in the workshops had the opportunity to sign up for the dance theater weekend, Introdans On Stage, on March 15th and 16th, 2024, at Theater a/d Rijn in Arnhem. Below, you can view all the photos!

And watch the video by the Gelderlander about In da House: On Stage from 2023 (last year) here.

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