Participation in culture for those aged 55 and over ensured for the coming years.

Participation in culture for those aged 55 and over ensured for the coming years

Why again?

Every person has the need to discover new things, to develop hidden talents, to push themselves to the limit. Not everyone gets the chance to do so in their lifetime. Many seniors have broad interests or passions, but these have not been fully explored or tapped into in their lives. Happiness, meaning, feeling good about oneself, it can all be stimulated by tapping into these talents or interests. Experiencing this together with others prevents loneliness and provides affirmation and joy.

What preceded this?

In the period 2019 – 2021, Arnhem participated in the Age Friendly Cultural Cities program of the Cultural Participation Fund. Financially supported by the municipality, a program was established in which both arts and cultural partners and care and welfare organizations for the elderly actively participated.

This program was continued in the period 2021 – 2023, during which projects were continued and expanded, and new initiatives were developed and implemented. This strong foundation enables seniors to continue participating. Additionally, it contributes to their health, thereby delaying or reducing potential healthcare needs. In the context of sustaining the achieved results and further developing and expanding them, the partners are now continuing the program in the form of a network agreement under the title Arnhem Cultural Participation 55+, 2023-2027.

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