Interpreter for the blind at The Nutcracker

Interpreter for the blind at The Nutcracker

30 mei 2024

The Nutcracker – our modern adaptation of the famous dance classic – is also accessible to the visually impaired in Nijmegen and The Hague. Theater is also a wonderful experience with a visual impairment! With the blind interpreter from Komt het Zien! you can really experience everything. Even if you see little or nothing. The blind interpreter describes what can be seen during the performance. The blind or visually impaired visitor hears the interpreter through headphones and knows exactly what is happening. Beforehand, the blind interpreter also provides additional explanation about the decor and costumes and there is a special meet & feel introduction. You can look at things up close and the Introdans teachers will tell you more about The Nutcracker.

Do you know someone who is visually impaired or blind? Go out together again in the theater! Come see it! is a foundation that makes theater experiences possible for audiences with a visual impairment:

Watch a video with an explanation of Komt t Zien! here.

Check the theater’s website to find out how you can order tickets with live audio description by the blind interpreter.

You can find more information about The Nutcracker here.

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