Farewell dancers Alberto, Jurriën, Merel and Yulanne

Farewell dancers Alberto, Jurriën, Merel and Yulanne

31 May 2024

During End of Season 2024, Introdans says goodbye to several leading Arnhem dancers who are ending their dance careers.
Shine one more time on stage in Doetinchem, Utrecht, Hengelo and Apeldoorn.

The End of Season Gala, with which Introdans traditionally concludes the dance season, is also the opportunity for Introdans who are ending their dance careers to shine on stage one last time. Four leading Arnhem dancers are quitting their dance careers after many years of association with Introdans. Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez, Jurriën Schobben, Merel Janssen and Yulanne de Groot dance for the very last time during End of Season. In addition to various top songs from the Introdans repertoire, the End of Season program also includes two brand new pieces and some surprising encounters with special guests. It can be seen exclusively in Doetinchem, Utrecht, Hengelo and Apeldoorn from 20 to 29 June.

Artistic director Roel Voorintholt: “Our dancers Alberto, Jurriën, Merel and Yulanne will say goodbye as dancers during End of Season 2024 after many years of dancing career at Introdans. During this evening we will reflect on this, put them in the spotlight and allow them to showcase their talents one more time. We are extremely grateful to them for all those wonderful years with our company!”

Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez

Alberto has been dancing with Introdans since 2011. At the age of twelve he started professional dance training in Taragona, Spain. After he saw the Nacho Duato Company dance, he wanted nothing else and auditioned for Introdans. Alberto: “Dance is truly the language of the soul, it reaches deeper, where words sometimes cannot reach.” He experienced the bond with his colleagues as very special. “Some of my colleagues feel like family and are very dear to me.” He found the highlight with Introdans dancing in the Mariinsky Theater. “You really can’t get any higher than that in the dance world.”

During End of Season 2024 he will dance Bon Appétit by Robert Battle one more time. Although Alberto is saying goodbye as a dancer, he is very happy that he will be joining the PR & Marketing team of Introdans as a digital marketer after the summer. During his dancing career, he already followed a marketing course and also gained marketing experience at, among others, the Stichting Omscholing Dansers and the Uitnacht Arnhem.

Jurriën Schobben

When Jurriën was eight years old, he did his first audition at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. He then continued his dance training at the renowned John Cranko School in Stuttgart. He has been dancing with Introdans since 2010. “At Introdans I was able to develop into who I am today. Not only as a dancer but also as a person. Because of all the opportunities I have had to make things, I have been able to lay a great foundation for the rest of my life. But what I definitely remember most are my colleagues. My fellow dancers with whom I have shared joys and sorrows and who, as cliché as it may sound, have become my second family. I am going to say goodbye to life as a dancer and I am very curious about what such a change of identity will be like. I find that exciting, but I’m also looking forward to it!” Jurriën also gained experience at Introdans as a choreographer, director, filmmaker and presenter. Like Alberto Villanueva, he has been the organizer of the Uitnacht Arnhem since 2022 and with success. “Fortunately, I don’t have to say goodbye to Introdans 100% yet because I already have some projects lined up for the next season.”

During End of Season 2024 he will dance the solo from Takademe one more time and together with his colleagues Bon Appétit, both by choreographer Robert Battle.


Yulanne de Groot

The love for the stage and the spotlights have become Yulanne’s driving force. “I prefer to dance in front of people and with an audience. I already notice that when we train in the studio and people are watching.” By chance, she took part in an audition for the National Ballet Academy after accidentally raising her hand in a ballet class. She has been dancing with Introdans since 2010. “For me, premieres always remain special. You’ve been working towards that moment for months and on that night it all comes together. Then you are on stage with all your colleagues and family and friends in the audience. It remains special every time.” She has learned a lot from the team feeling at Introdans, but also from the physical and mental effort. She wants to continue with this after Introdans. A study such as sports management seems a logical choice.

During End of Season 2024 she will dance the duet from Loin by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui one more time together with her ex-colleague from Introdans, now Scapino dancer Lucas Donner.

Merel Janssen

Merel started ballet when she was six. In her last year of training at ArtEZ, she joined Introdans where she has been dancing since 2008. “Being able to start at Introdans as a young girl, go on wonderful journeys and ultimately be able to perform on stage twice with my own children in my belly is the most special thing ever. Now my eldest even comes to watch my evening performances, she loves it! First in my belly on stage, then participating in lessons every morning during the corona crisis from her high chair and now watching mom in the hall. All the performances for the royal family were also always very special to be able to do.” After Introdans, Merel wants to study again and do something with the mental side of sports at top level. In this way she can pass on her experience in that area at Introdans.

During End of Season 2024, Merel will dance Wrapped by Inbal Pinto for the last time, together with colleague and ex-dancer Jamy Schinkelshoek.

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