Donate your old denim clothing!

March 11, 2024

Donate your old denim clothing for reuse in new ballet costumes from Introdans!

For our new program HEROES that will premiere on September 20, 2024, we are looking for used denim clothing for the costumes of the choreography Daily Hero by Regina van Berkel.

Introdans has been operating in a sustainable manner for many years, including through the reuse of decor and costumes and through the revival of ballets. For example, we made special inflatable decor sets for Swan Lake, so that it would fit in one truck instead of two. We reuse costumes, for example, designer Sjaak Hullekes from Hul le Kes uses existing clothing for his designs for the choreography Bambù in the SPRING programme. We also often take over sets and costumes from other companies abroad, as we did for Carmen and Swan Lake. We print less and less, but when we make programme brochures, for example, we ensure that it is printed from climate-friendly paper – this means that it is biodegradable and recyclable and that we pay the printing company extra to compensate for CO2 emissions.

For Daily Hero we are looking for used denim clothing to be converted into real dance costumes by the costume studio. We could use some help with this! In particular (adult size) denim jackets/denim blouses/tops are desirable, but trousers are certainly also welcome.

Do you want to contribute to this sustainable way of creating costumes and do you have old denim clothing that you no longer wear? Take it with you to the premiere of SPRING on March 22 or the evening after on March 23 and donate it in the HEROES bin at the entrance. And who knows, you might see your own clothes on stage in HEROES!

Thank you!

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