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Help our dancers get a cool rehearsal space!

13 May 2024

Your contribution makes the difference!

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Hi there! We are dancers from Introdans. For over 50 years, Introdans has been inspiring as many people as possible to dance, with heart, soul, and a lot of craftsmanship.

Our accommodation, a former school building in Arnhem, dates back to 1870. It’s an old building, lacking insulation and featuring a lot of single glazing. Hopefully, we’ll soon move to a new building in the city, but until then, we have to make do with this place!

From spring to late autumn, Studio 1 – our largest and most important studio – becomes extremely hot! The flat black roof attracts sunlight and warmth like a magnet. On some days, it’s even too hot to use the studio; temperatures can easily reach 35°C.

Dancing with one of the Netherlands’ largest ballet companies is akin to engaging in top-level sports. It demands a lot from the body. In addition to the many performances, we rehearse in the studios every weekday. It’s crucial for us to work in a healthy environment! Dancing in a studio that’s too warm isn’t conducive to good health. It increases the risk of injuries, dehydration, and overheating. With summers expected to get hotter in the coming years, it’s imperative that we address this problem now.

Sustainable solution. Will you help?

We’re on a mission: before summer arrives, we want to ensure that we can keep our studio cool in an environmentally friendly way. In terms of sustainability, we aim to be as forward-thinking as we are with our dance. That’s why we commissioned a study by Gooi op Groen, who developed a phased plan for us.




The solution to the heat in the studio? Not expensive, energy-consuming air conditioners, but white, sun-reflecting roof coating. This coating keeps the studio approximately 10 degrees cooler. It makes a world of difference! By keeping the heat outside, we can stay fit and healthy while also contributing to a better environment.

To apply the coating to our 361 m2 roof, we need 15,000 euros. We’re appealing to everyone who values us – or rather, values staying cool – to help us with this. Every donation is welcome!

If our campaign is successful, we’ll move on to the second step of our sustainability plan: installing solar panels that we can also take with us to our new building. Solar panels generate green electricity and provide additional cooling in the studio by creating an insulating layer above the roof. With 60 panels priced at 450 euros each (including installation), we can achieve the best results. Would you like to sponsor a solar panel, either personally or on behalf of your company? If so, please contact Janet Schuring.

Contributions can start from as little as 10 euros! And for donations of 41 euros or more, you’ll receive a special thank-you gift! You can find more information about this on the Voordekunst.nl website!

DONATE NOW! Click here and go to Voordekunst.nl >>>

With your support, we can make it happen!

Thanks in advance for your support!
Jurriën, Léa, Federico, and Angelica on behalf of all dancers


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