Dance programmer Anita van Dolen about Introdans

Connoisseurs really appreciate Introdans. Dance programmer Anita van Dolen from International Theater Amsterdam explains why.

Text Jos Schuring | Photo Sander Nagel

“The love for dance is always there. You can feel it. And that feels good. When Introdans performs at our theatre, I always see enthusiastic people, open and grateful that they can dance with us. Introdans has a very own signature and I like the fact that they attract world-class choreographers.”

“I find the work of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan and Lucinda Childs intriguing and it’s great that Introdans was able to associate these world-class choreographers with them. And they perform their work very well. An icon like Childs has inspired many generations. Larbi once told me that Introdans treats his work with integrity. They are also all sympathetic dance makers. Roel makes the first contact, but knows how to convey his enthusiasm about their work very well to others in the company.

Dancers have been associated with Introdans for a long time and they are still getting better. That’s hard work. I have great respect for Introdans because they always appeal to a wide audience and make very different programs. They have a unique position in Dutch dance due to their consistent policy. They make clear substantive choices based on academic dance, classical ballet. You don’t see much of urban dance at Introdans.

Their consistent, always serious attention to young audiences is strong. That is important, but also very original. They make bold choices, for example by programming Kylián for youth, but they also work with Spinvis. The performances are attractively composed with short films in which dancers have their say or in which the spectator gets a look behind the scenes. It’s all well thought out and beautifully looked after.”

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