Red Bow Club: a festival hit

Red Bow Club: a festival hit

October 23, 2023

Red Bow Club was a festival hit

“The Red Bow Club is like a glass of champagne,” says artistic director Roel Voorintholt.

Introdans has been invited by Radboud University in the context of the celebration of its 100th anniversary on October 19, 20 and 21, 2023. As a gift to the students and employees of the university, choreographers Adriaan Luteijn and Chantal de Vries created a vibrant and festive spectacle: the Red Bow Club. The cast consists of more than twenty dancing students and employees.

The Red Bow Club takes you 100 years back to the roaring twenties. The Charleston was immensely popular at the time, but was officially banned as a dance mania in the Netherlands by the confessional parties in The Hague. Now let’s give free rein to that dancing mania. We see that everyone can move and that everyone can be moved by the connecting power of dance.

It was a struggle to get in and at every performance there was a line out the door at least 45 minutes before it started!

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