The Sprinklesclub 2024

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The Sprinklesclub 2024

Especially for students from both special and regular primary education.

The Sprinklesclub by Introdans is a series of dance lessons designed for a mixed group of children, approximately 9 to 12 years old, from both regular and special education, with a festive conclusion. The Sprinkles Club method focuses on experiencing the joy of dance together and connecting with your own siblings, neighbors, or other children in a different way, including those you might not typically encounter.

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More information

Sprinkles are colorful toppings for cakes and ice cream. This is exactly why the Sprinkles Club is called the Sprinkles Club. After all, each child has their own beautiful color, and all these colors together make life much more vibrant.

The Sprinkles Club provides an inviting space where children with and without disabilities can come together to dance from a creative approach. The dance teacher encourages each child to explore their own abilities and push their boundaries.

Children learn to use their own abilities and connect with each other in an enjoyable way. Participants learn to move in a dance-like manner, collaborate, and present themselves in a fun and playful way. This series of dance lessons concludes with a festive event attended by family and friends.

In the Sprinkles Club, it’s about allowing all children to be themselves, to dance based on their own abilities, and to have fun together, be active, connect with themselves and each other, and surprise their families.

When and where:

The Sprinkles Club took place in spring 2024 in collaboration with Cultura Ede. For more information and registration, please send an email to Robin Hafkenscheid at

The Introdans Sprinkles Club is made possible by Femi, Stichting Gehandicapte Kind, and Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie.

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