IntroDansInjectie Deventer

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IntroDansInjectie Deventer

Introdans is one of the largest dance companies in the Netherlands. But we do so much more than our theater performances! In collaboration with the Deventer theater, our Education & community engagement department, has developed a unique project called the IntroDansInjectie. For this project we joined up with various interesting and excited choirs.


In various workshop sessions, the community engagement teachers get to work with three different choirs. During these sessions, we jointly investigated how movement can add to the choral piece selected by the choir and also what movement can do for the physique of the choir members and also the choir leaders.

The workshops ran from February 13th through March 7th, 2023. The three choirs presented the result on March 12th during Deventer Open Podium in the Deventer theater.

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