Podcast Swan Lake

Podcast Swan Lake (Dutch only)

11 december 2023

In this podcast by Dide Vonk about the production of Swan Lake, Introdans dancers Léa Visser and Salvatore Castelli discuss their roles in this choreography by Stijn Celis. Léa portrays the Queen, and Salvatore performs as Prince Siegfried. Swan Lake is a famous classic, reimagined in a new, contemporary, and humorous adaptation for the entire family.

With his Swan Lake, Belgian choreographer Stijn Celis created a fresh, humorous, and innovative adaptation of the “ballet of ballets”: the Swan Lake, still performed worldwide 125 years after its original premiere. Swan Lake is a grandly staged, vibrant production, in which the entire Introdans ensemble shines against the backdrop of an impressive set, set to the famous, majestic, and moving music of Tchaikovsky.

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