Introdans and Oostpool immediately receive 10 mil euros from the Province for new accommodation

News about housing Introdans and Oostpool

February 8th, 2023

De Gelderlander announced today that Oostpool and Introdans can immediately count on 10 million euros for a new home in Arnhem as far as the province of Gelderland is concerned.

The Arnhem dance company and theater company want to build a new building together next to the new Stadstheater. The Introdans building is in a particularly bad shape, old and draughty as it is. The construction of a new accommodation costs 29 million euros. That money didn’t seem to be there for a long time. The municipality of Arnhem wants to contribute 10 million, spread over a period of forty years. But the province was not forthcoming. Last year, the Provincial Executive announced that it did not want to go further than 2 million. Meanwhile, the province now wanted to pay 10 million euros for housing. Initially, the plan was to release 5 million euros now and 5 million after the provincial elections in March. However, a majority of state members do not think this is a good plan. They want to immediately release 10 million euros through all kinds of budgets. Deputy Peter Drenth advised against this, because it is against the current financial rules of the province. However, the members of Parliament are ultimately responsible in Gelderland politics. They want to quickly provide clarity to the cultural companies. That means there is 10 million euros on the table, immediately. Oostpool and Introdans are not quite there yet. They still have to raise 9 million euros from elsewhere before the construction of a new building can begin. If they fail to do so, the 10 million euros will remain in the pockets of the province.

From De Gelderlander February 8th, 2023

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