Interview Jurriën Schobben and Alberto Villanueva

Interview Jurriën Schobben and Alberto Villanueva

February 21st, 2023

In our new performance BACH, four choreographers are each individually inspired by the impressive oeuvre of J.S. Bach. In addition, two of our dancers, Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez and Jurriën Schobben, are presenting a dance film that will be shown as part of the performance: The volume in the flatness. Jurriën and Alberto show Bach’s story in a contemporary and abstract way, in their own choreography. To develop the film, they chose three different angles from Bach’s life.

Bach always put his profession first. He had his own ideas and ambitions and never settled for less. For example, there are various stories about his conflicts with clients that frustrated his musical ambitions.

Bach was an unyielding man. His stubbornness once led to an imprisonment. For example, he refused to continue working for one of his employers out of dissatisfaction with his position. This angered his employer, who subsequently imprisoned him.

Bach wrote music incessantly and was ambitious about it. At a young age, for example, the composer made a 400 km long hike to meet his great example Dieterich Buxtehude. This pilgrimage was not in vain, because after his meeting he was allowed to study with the composer.

Jurrien says: “With the film we want to create a fully-fledged fourth piece for the BACH performance, which is not inferior to the live choreographies in the programme. By showing dance in this way, we can create a world that is not possible on stage.

We also want to attract a different audience. Because it’s film you get much closer to the dancers from different perspectives. Bach’s music is the basis, but is combined with modern music influences that contrast with his compositions. This creates a contemporary production that appeals to a wide audience.”

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