Many generations and people enjoy our performances and activities throughout their lives. Give future generations this chance too, by including Introdans in your will. There are several ways to do this.

With an inheritance, Introdans becomes a (co-)heir in addition to any family members, friends or other charities. Introdans then inherits part of your estate.

By including a bequest in your will that benefits Introdans, you support us with a fixed amount or asset.

Finally, with a registered fund, you can make donations to Introdans both during your life and from your will for a specific purpose. In this way you determine how your donation is spent by Introdans. Establishing a named fund is a great way to link your name to Introdans for a longer period of time or to honor a loved one.
Introdans is recognized by the government as a public benefit organisation (ANBI). Therefore, no inheritance tax is levied on testamentary gifts to our company. This means that your legacy to Introdans will fully benefit our dance.

“We have learned that there are many beautiful and special things in life. We enjoy those to the fullest. The unique dance language of Introdans is one such thing. We think it’s a wonderful thought to say goodbye to life with that. And that Introdans can create new performances with what we leave behind, which others enjoy again: how beautiful is that?”

Helma Kolmschate en Onno Vos

Click here to read the story of Helma and Onno.

Just like for our Partners and Friends, we like to give something back to those who include Introdans in their will. In a personal conversation we would like to get to know you and listen to your personal wishes.

If you want to make a donation to Introdans during your lifetime, no notarial deed is required. Donating is satisfying, because you can continue to enjoy our performances and activities yourself. If you (also) want to support us after your death by means of an inheritance, bequest or registered fund, this must be arranged in a will. A will is a notarial deed. Dirkzwager’s family law team will be happy to assist you in drafting or supplementing your will. You can contact Ineke Meuwese via meuwese@dirkzwager.nl or +31(0)26-3655568.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of contributing to our performances and activities? Please contact Janet Schuring-Aarts van den Berg via janet.schuring@introdans.nl, +31(0)26-3512111 or the contact form below.


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