Aymara Herrero Feria

Born: 1999, Legutiano (Spain)
Education: Conservatoria Profesional de Danza, Valencia (Spain) and Eko Dance International Project, Turin (Italy)

As a baby, Aymara always started to move and smile every time she heard music. “It looked like the music had the power to change my mood in seconds.” Aymara has always been surrounded by art through her artistic family. But her biggest inspiration is her older sister. “She has been a dancer in different companies and she has encouraged me to start dancing professionally. Sharing such a big passion with my sister has connected us on a different level.”

And so Aymara decided to start her ballet studies at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Valencia. After graduating at the age of eighteen, she decided that her passion for dance had to become her job too, so she started auditioning at different dance schools to gain experience. She got accepted at Eko Dance International Project, directed by Pompea Santoro. “Here, my passion for classical ballet also extended to contemporary ballet. I worked with choreographers that inspired me to explore different movements, changing how I looked at dance. Dance became something that I needed to do to grow, to become the dancer I needed to be and the person I wanted to be, instead of something that I just enjoyed.”

After almost three years in Turin, an unexpected opportunity arrived: “On a Sunday morning, Pompea called me, offering me a contract with Introdans, starting on Monday! Obviously, I couldn’t believe it. Finally, my dream came true!” Aymara filled her suitcase with leotards, legwarmers, and the warmest clothes she could find. The next morning, she took a bus to Milan and in in that same week Aymara danced her first performance with Introdans at the Holland Dance Festival. ”It was definitely an experience I will never forget! From the first moment I entered the door at Introdans, I felt like I was already learning. Not only as a dancer, but also as a person.”

While performing on stage, Aymara experiences mixed feelings. “Sometimes when I perform a choreography for the first time, I feel so nervous that I can’t even feel my legs. My hands are cold and I can only hear the music coming into my body. But even if this sounds scary, I hope it continues happening, because I think that the stage is able to make you feel scared but full of power. It will always give you the necessary respect and concentration for the audience, your colleagues and yourself as a dancer.” Dancing makes Aymara feel complete. To her, dance is like a colleague that came with her on her adventures. They had really good moments together, but also unhappy or confusing ones. But at the end of the day, Aymara considers dance the best colleague she could ever ask for. “Even while also studying psychology in university, which I love, I have always been sure that my life has to be rehearsing in the studio and dancing on stage.”

At Introdans, Aymara had the opportunity to dance many different choreographies. Her favorite? WHIM, Fractured Fairytale by Alexander Ekman during the 2019-2020 season. “Every time I danced it, my mind would travel to another world full of laughs, craziness and love. It was the first premiere I danced with Introdans, and I think that’s why I feel a special relation with this piece.” After a one season break, Aymara is happy to return to Introdans as a guest dancer for the family show Confetti in Spring of 2022.

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