Joop Oonk

Joop Oonk (1989) makes performative work in which they question society’s norms and address socio-political challenges. She studied at Codarts (2012), University of Surrey (2013) and Toneelacademie Maastricht (2021). Inclusion often predominates in her work. She therefore founded Misiconi in 2013 and has been storming the national and international field with innovative methods ever since.

Her work is eclectic, fluid and transformable. Discourses between social, political and theoretical issues find their place in her work and often provide inspiration. Joop looks for work in the spaces in between, the stratification, the gray area where the exchange takes place the most. She feels most at home where issues seem to merge into one another. The audience is taken into an experience with a different perspective, challenging visitors to reflect on their views and ideas, but never forcing them. With beautiful visual images and unexpected twists, the work is humorous, playful and has many layers.


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