Orlando Izzo

Orlando was born in Chieti on 14.02.1993 and she/they has been dancing since she/they was 3 years old; at 18yo she/they’s decided to undertake this direction studying with national and international dancers/choreographers.
After working with Helen Cerina, Annalì Rainoldi and Antonello Tudisco, she/they made own projects (“Il suono del silenzio”, “Trattato Semiserio di Osculistica”DNAppunti coreografici finalist and winner, “VIB – Vibrations in body” – selected for Network Anticorpi XL).

Not satisfied about how the dance operates in Italy, she/they moved in Rotterdam for 5 months to attempt new experiences abroad as dancer and performer and she/they worked with SZENE 2WEI inklusive tanzkompanie (Germany) and with Simona Bertozzi (Italy).

In addition on personal projects, from 2018 she/they collaborates with CollettivO CineticO for “How to destroy your dance” and from 2019 with Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo in “KISS”, with Francesca Penzo/Fattoria Indaco in “MELT” and with Daniele Ninarello in “CLUB UNISONO”.

From 2020 she/they dances in PULSE, a project of Andrea Zardi – ZA DanceWorks.