Elena Squicciarini

Born: 2002, in Ortona (Italy),

Elena’s profound connection with dance has been a guiding force throughout her remarkable journey.

From a tender age of three, Elena embarked on her dance adventure, initially exploring the world of rhythmic gymnastics. Although she found the discipline to be too rigid for her spirited nature, she discovered solace and freedom of expression in the vibrant realm of hip hop. This newfound love for dance inspired her to explore various dance styles, embracing each one with equal enthusiasm.

As Elena matured, her passion for dance blossomed further, leading her to embrace ballet at the age of ten and contemporary dance at twelve. Under the invaluable mentorship of Michela Sartorelli and other esteemed teachers at Professione Danza Pescara, Elena’s artistic growth thrived. The journey expanded as she seized numerous opportunities to attend workshops and courses at prestigious institutions such as Academie Princesse Grace, Ballet Dortmund, Bolshoi, Frankfurt Dance Company, and the Dutch National Ballet Trainer Program. These transformative experiences broadened her artistic perspective and deepened her connection to the art form.

Among the pivotal moments in Elena’s dance career was the life-changing opportunity to receive a scholarship at Codarts. During that transformative week, her passion and dedication to dance became even more resolute, leading her to make the heartfelt decision to pursue further studies at Codarts. In 2020, Elena embarked on her academic journey at the renowned institution, driven by a profound desire to refine her skills and explore the boundless possibilities of dance.

Currently, Elena is in the midst of her internship, undertaking a fulfilling experience with Introdans. This will pave the way for her graduation from Codarts in July 2024, marking a significant milestone in her dance journey.

Beyond her dedication to dance, Elena treasures joy in exchanging ideas with fellow dancers, learning from their unique experiences, and supporting each other’s artistic growth. Loving other arts she also connects with other skills: one of the most precious to her is choreographing; she also creates and develops skills in this section of the dance world.